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Boomerang Bags Northfield

Boomerang Bags Northfield

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FUN FACTS- making a difference


Northfield volunteers have sewn @4,000 Boomerang Bags made from donated fabric.

If each bag is used to haul books or groceries 1 time a week (and most of the bags can hold a lot of stuff) thus using 2 fewer single use plastic bags that equals 8,000 less bags used each week.

52 weeks in a year 415,000 less bags in a year.   And that’s just using it once a week- how many times a week do you use a Boomerang Bag?

Plus we have taken many, many pounds of unused fabric out of the garbage stream too.

Greetings from Northfield, Minnesota!  In early 2017 I came across a great idea from Australia to start eliminating the use of one-use plastic bags called Boomerang Bags.  Their idea to use upcycled donated fabric combined with volunteers to sew bags just made a lot of sense to me so I started up a group here.  There are now 315+ of Boomerang Bag  groups in the world!


            1.  To reduce one-use plastic and non recyclable items and keep them out of landfills.

            2.  Partner with local groups to create reuseable bags at little or no cost.

            3.  Create unique upcycled items to sell to support the costs of creating the bags.

I am starting this project after working for many years as a librarian at my local library. By combining my art background, library smarts, creativity and concern for our environment into UPcycleMN. My creative daughter Krista is my number one assistant.


President, chief fabric collector and designer.


I have a BS in Art & History,

and have been children's programming librarian at the Northfield Public Library until retiring in early 2017.

Idea incubator and super mom.


Krista has worked as a Clinical Research Professional and has a degree in Public Health. She is very busy with 2 active boys.

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