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We can help you reduce the amount of

plastic bags used in your community!

Boomerang Bags began in Australia and is spreading around the world!  We are one of the 700+ sites around the world.  The aim of BB is to reduce the use of single use plastic bags.  We upcycle donated fabrics and volunteer sewers to make sturdy, reusable bags that in Northfield's case are free to "borrow & reuse".

Check out their website.

How to start-

-Find a sponsor site- a central location in your community -a public library, community center as examples. You will need a site for people to donate fabric to. And a place to either sew them there or make up the "take-n-sew" kits. 

-Create a Boomerang Bag label or pocket.  See the Boomerang Bags site

-Set up and promote fabric collection dates. Ask for donations of clean, durable fabric from crisp sheets, curtains, table cloths, napkins, quilting fabrics and even light upholstery fabrics. 

-Set up and promote the event either a "take-n-sew" kit creation day or a bag sewing bee.

-Set up an event and recruit volunteers make up "take-n-sew" kits and/or take and sew some kits up into bags. I have found that ripping the fabrics to size is fast and easy- a bit messy tho, but much easier than cutting the fabric.  Have tape measures and scissors on hand.

-Put out your finished kits for people to take and sew.  They can keep the bags they sew or return them for others to use.

This is a table full of "take-n-sew" kits at our library! Click here for instructions.

Together, we can make a difference!

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